Cars & Coffee – Huntsville

I went to Huntsville Cars & Coffee this morning. (First Saturday of the month, Books-A-Million at the corner of the Parkway and 72.)

Of particular interest were two cars. The first a ’74 BMW 2002, bought new by the present owner, until recently a daily-driver, in great shape and with, get this: somewhere around a million miles. The owner lost track years ago at 875,000! Four engine rebuilds over its life. Two Mikuni side-drafts on it right now.

The second car had just been imported from Japan under the 25-year rule: a 1990 Nissan Skyline GTR. Right-hand drive, twin-turbo, 4-wheel drive with rear-wheel steering. I’d never seen one in person.

An amazing contrast is how simple the first car was and how complicated the second.

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