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car-houseI’m in my tenth year of autocross racing and I stopped counting events a few years ago after leaving 200 in the dust. My first class wins were at three SCCA National Tour events in 2014 and then two class wins and one fourth place trophy in 2015. In 2016 I earned one class win, one second, and one third place trophy which was my first-ever in Pro-Solo. In 2018 I collected 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place trophies in SCCA National competition. At all of these events I was driving a Corvette in B-Street except for one Corvette Grandsport in A-Street. In 2019 I achieved my goal of snagging a national event trophy in E-Street in a 1989 Porsche 944, the last year of its National eligibility in Street, with a 3rd place at the Bristol Match Tour. (I took it to Nationals, but a hardware failure meant disappointing results.) In 2020 I went back to the 5th generation Corvette, though it is no longer a car-to-have in the class, and have earned one national event trophy. (There’s something to be said for tilting at windmills.)

I trophied in 11th of 48 drivers in B-Street at the 2016 Solo Nationals on my second visit to Lincoln. Mostly thanks to that performance I was named the Tennessee Valley Region 2016 Solo Driver of the Year, a great honor I’ll always cherish. In 2018 I went to the Solo Nationals again and trophied in 9th in B-Street.

I write what I think I’ve learned about Autocross driving in hopes it will be of value to others coming up in the sport. Periodically I go back and read the crazy stuff I’ve written to see if it still holds up. Sometimes you will run across a new update to an old post.

Thank you to all those who have been my teachers. Of particular note, I wish to thank multi-time SCCA national champions Alan (McConnel) McCrispin and Steve Brolliar who gave invaluable assistance and advice early on and continue helping me to Save more Time.

By the way, I will never ask for money or allow advertising on this site.

Additional writings by Ed Fisher Jr.

Needle At Sea Bottom  An espionage/adventure novel set primarily in Venezuela and Tennessee.

Available for Kindle at: link

Uptown Chick and Other Stories Uptown Chick relates a summer evening adventure as three twenty-somethings, two boxing buddies and a beautiful girl, drive into the Ohio countryside on a mission to liberate a dog from incarceration. Igor’s Moment is a tale of friendship between two wrestlers, one described as “possibly the least handsome high-school student in the country” who achieves a remarkably unlikely victory. They Fade Out is a surrealistic dream about the end of the world as experienced in a small California town. Bobby’s Camera is the story of a hidden feature left in the design of a nuclear power plant that proves critical one night when things go wonky at Scottsboro Reactor Number 1.

Available for Kindle at: link

A Vector-Dynamic Interpretation of the Eight Core Meta-Techniques in T’ai Chi Ch’uan  A new interpretation of the eight essential techniques in the martial art of T’ai Chi Ch’uan.

Available for Kindle at: link

6 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. Before I read the results in part 2 of your recent article, I did the calculations myself. After looking at your results, I think that omitting the acceleration on the entry straight is a mistake. My results show the same trend, but much less sensitivity. At 0.1g acceleration I get the fastest time for 50ft rad at 5.353s, and at 0.6g acceleration I get 35ft rad at 5.006s.

    Thanks for setting up this calculation, very fun bench racing.


  2. HI and thanks so much. Your pointed analytical skill is helping me, specifically weaning me away from being smooth, which is turning out to be slow.

    A possible new topic or question: Have you tried simulators, and do you have any recommendation for any SIM software that does well to simulate/help/train autocrossing?


    • I would love to find a SIM software that would work for autocross. I’ve done a small amount of investigation, but haven’t found anything suitable so far. Let me know of anything you find.


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