Autocross Season Prep- Assembly Complete

Big progress this weekend. First thing I did was remove the tow hitch… 15.5 lbs of steel that won’t be needed as I plan to drive on the race tires or tow to all future events. Anyone need a tire trailer?

Here’s a sanded rear disk, with Carbotech pad installed:


Red Carbotech Pads Installed- Sanded Brake Disk

Flushed out the Motul 600 brake fluid installed for the last track day and pushed in some fresh ATE Super Blue Racing fluid. Love that color!


ATE Super Blue Racing Brake Fluid

As most 5th generation Corvette owners know, you’ve got to regularly suck the clutch fluid from the reservoir with a turkey baster and replace it. It gets dirty from clutch wear material and eventually causes a sticking clutch pedal. In the pic below, you can see thru the new golden Motul 600 fluid to the bottom. (The reservoir is full to the mark.) It won’t be long before it’s so dirty you can’t see below the surface.


Clutch Fluid Reservoir

Here she sits after the test drive and initial brake pad bedding. Now she’s ready to start tuning the handling.


Ready To Go- Mismatched Wheels and All

Upcoming this weekend is two days of Test & Tune in Birmingham at Hoover Met Stadium, site of the Iron City Showdown Match Tour later in the Summer. The weekend after is our TAC/TVR-SCCA Test & Tune at Milton Frank Stadium in Huntsville, my local autocross site, and the following Saturday is our TAC Driving School with a practice autocross on Sunday, also at MFS. Then I plan to go to Knoxville for ETR-SCCA’s first points event on Sunday, March 13th. Four weekends in a row leading up to Dixie Tour March 18 -20… should be enough to shake off the rust and hopefully get the car handling the way I imagine it can.

Eight drivers in three different car types have registered in B-Street for Dixie Tour as of this moment. I know six of the other seven personally and they can all be fast. The seventh I haven’t met, but with his track record he might very well be the one to beat!

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