An Autocross Season- Part 5: Silver Ghost Pulls Hard

Took Silver Ghost out with the Vbox GPS data collector and performed a pull in 2nd gear now that the slightly smaller race tires (26.3” diameter) are on and she’s burned down to 1/4 gas. Results are shown below.

Vbox GPS Data-Acceleration from 30mph to 71mph In 2nd Gear

This plot is from 30mph up to fuel cut at 71. The peak (at the cursor location) is 0.575G.

This compares closely to two friends, one who has a C6Z06 and one a C7 Grandsport. Recently the Z06 peaked at 0.62G with a 315/30-18 rear tire (25.6″ dia.) in similarly cool conditions. In theory, given the tires employed, Silver Ghost should be matching his peak acceleration. But it isn’t the case.

The C7 Grandsport was wearing an all-season 335/25-20 run-flat rear tire that is 26.6” diameter. He also recorded a peak of 0.62G. In theory he should be beating the Z06 by a good margin, but that isn’t the case either! No doubt, he’ll pull harder when he gets some shorter Hoosiers on there for SSR.

I suspect the LS7 motor in the Z06 is a bit underrated. Also, the measuring equipment used was not all the same, not at the same location, time of day, etc.

The real test will be how well Sliver Ghost puts down power on the autocross course coming off a slow corner. That’s when these Falken 305s and my suspension tuning need to earn their pay. First chance to really evaluate it will be our Test & Tune in three weeks.

I took Silver Ghost on a little trip yesterday, a mix of country and highway roads… no interstate, following a buddy in his Porsche 993. This was his favorite test-drive route. At one point we were detoured around a closed bridge onto a narrow, gravely country road with half our lane washed away in places. That was a little tricky when meeting on-coming traffic. Averaged 25mpg.

As always, let me know if there are things you want to hear about that I haven’t mentioned.

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