An Autocross Season- Part 4: National Event Plans

Silver Ghost

I plan to compete in six national events with the Silver Ghost C6 in B-Street this year, not counting Nationals themselves and regional events. Three Solo Tours and three Pro-Solos. The first is in less than a month.

Planned National Event Schedule for Silver Ghost

By the Florida Pro, which is a single-course Pro-Solo event, I plan to have a few more things done to the car. I’ll sand the brake disks and install some Carbotec street pads, my preferred autocross pad. I’ll change the diff fluid, trans fluid and engine oil, putting in my favorites: Miller’s Nano in the diff, AMSOIL in the trans and Redline in the engine. I’ve already installed Brisk Racing side electrode-type spark plugs which were proven in the C5 to add a little horsepower and torque in the mid-range. (I’ll be happy to provide details on these items if you ask.)

The Florida Pro registration is filling out nicely with 115 of the 125 spaces taken. There’s only one other person registered in BS, which is disappointing but not surprising. He’s a fast driver in a 2014 Boxster. If they set the course up like last year with a fairly long drag-race start I should be a few tenths in the lead by the first braking point, assuming it’s dry. If it’s wet, I could be in trouble!

Oh yeah, my numbers came in. I got them from

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