An Autocross Season- Part 11: A Setback

I had to cancel the trip to the Red Hills National Tour event.

At our very wet Test & Tune 2 event on 2/27 I managed to slide off the pavement and damage the car. No excuse for it, really. It was my 10th run or so on the same, standard TnT course we did a couple of weeks earlier. And I love practicing in the wet… it really tunes up your sensitivity and reactions. First time in 12 years of doing, what, 25 to 30 days a year(?) that I’ve ever damaged a car.

The good news is that I bought Lockton autocross insurance this year. The adjuster has been to see the car. My body shop appointment for their estimate is not for a week. (Everything seems to be backed up.) Only then will I find out when they’ll schedule the work.

I don’t expect it to be fixed until April. In the meantime we have local events upcoming in which I will drive the 944 in CSP. My co-driver and I drove it at our Performance Driving School practice autocross last weekend and it was fun. We’ve now decided to split the cost of some Hoosiers. We won’t be competitive, the car is only slightly out of Street class, but it will keep us sharp.

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